What is fini:OHS and what does it do?
An overview of the company’s ‘big picture’ and the sort of work fini:OHS does.

The "big picture" for fini:OHS is to demystify OHS laws and the sometimes impenetrable language used in the OHS world so that safety messages are clear and meaningful in your business or organization. There is no OHS idea or problem that can’t be expressed simply - and simple is best for everyone. Legal compliance stuff can and should be expressed in practical ways that focuses on solutions and action.

The company provides safety reviews (i.e. evaluations on how you're "travelling" with your safety management) safety managemant system development and set-up, editing and writing services for all OHS written material (e.g. guidance material, safety bulletins, revising safe work procedures). Where you need specialist help with things like chemical safety and equipment safety issues needing specialist advice, fini:OHS can co-ordinate provision of that advice. From 2009, fini:OHS will be providing OHS training services in topics such as - understanding OHS solutions principles, effective use of guidance material issued by OHS regulators and making sense of OHS laws.


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